26 February 2011

100 Days of Magnitude...

For those of you who don't receive my newsletter, I thought I'd updated you with my latest venture... and adventure....

As a coach, I understand that warm fuzzy feeling which comes from being able to wave goodbye to procrastination and begin to turn positive intentions into happenings. I work with a coach myself and have decided to share with you the results of this experience for me. For this new chapter in my life, I’m setting myself a 100-day challenge to expand my world... There's always room for growth

Drifting aimlessly can be a good thing... particularly if you’ve never tried it. A chance to reflect on one’s life and its meaning can offer a new way of being in the world. But what if, instead, you’re just going through the motions and have lost sight of your own aspirations? Your days can become littered with broken promises... to yourself. Although I’ve spent many years working on self-improvement in one form or another, I still have a way to go... Recovery work never stops. I haven’t touched alcohol or drugs for years now but I’m still conscious of a switch inside my head labelled “self-destruct”. It’s rather dusty now... but occasionally it reminds me that it’s still there... and that’s when I need to do some more rewiring!

I’m getting ready for a house move soon, after two “almost” house moves in the past year. This time it’s a long-term home, which is very different for me. It’s bringing up feelings of excitement and anxiety... not so much at the move (I’d like to think I had some expertise in that area now!!) but more about the signifcance of the move. This will be a long-term resting place for me – I’m making a commitment to myself to put down some roots. I’ve also recently become the guardian of a Border Collie pup, whose name is Cosy – because that’s how she looks and feels! Cosy is a big responsibility and so I’m also making a commitment to her - to offer her the best life I can.

This week, I’m clearing the way – literally! I’ve decided to give away some furniture which won’t be of use in my new home. I’ve also cleared out more clothes and bedding. I’m taking a long hard look at the unnecessary items in my current home and getting rid of junk. Of course, this is relative. My ‘don’t-needs’ are someone else’s ‘must-haves’, I’m sure. But I recognise something about myself – my instinct to hoard... clinging on to remnants of the past, half-forgotten memories attached to trinkets. Saying goodbye is pretty tough for recovering co-dependents... even to inanimate objects!

So.. what’s the learning? A reminder that making a commitment to myself is equally - if not more - important to making a commitment to others. That I’ve always been a Maximalist – holding on to a scattered past - and I’d like to change that about myself. It’s time to let go.... and move on!

If you'd like to begin your own 100 Days of Magnitude, please visit my website for details...

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Helen Burton said...

Hi Jane:

What a great post. I am also a recovering co-dependent. Everyday I honor myself by asking the question, "Am I taking care of myself?"

Thanks Helen