27 July 2009

Woe is Me....

Have been feeling a bit unwell for a few days now and, as a consequence, pretty sorry for myself. When I heard myself complaining about petty little issues, I realised I was listening to my 'lower self' speaking... that part of ourselves which finds fault at every turn, that life isn't fair, that it 'should' be like this, that or the other way... in fact, ANY way other than it is! Exhausting, isn't it? I turned to Mr Rosenberg's wonderful book on Nonviolent [Compassionate] Communication and made a conscious decision to go back to expressing my feelings in a much healthier way. If I'm unhappy about something, I fix it. If I'm unhappy with someone's behaviour [acknowledging that I have no control over that], I express that... in a healthy, caring way. Taking responsibility for our own behaviour is key to recovery and progress in any aspect of life. When we're in physical pain, our bodies are telling us there's something wrong... When we're in emotional pain, often just listening to our tone of voice and the content matter of what we're saying or thinking can tell us something's wrong! When we're not living in our core values, something will ALWAYS be wrong. I'm aware that, whenever I feel ill, this is a time when recovery must move back into the forefront, as much 'recycling' of old rubbish is done when we're feeling sorry for ourselves... and that can be a danger time for anyone in recovery. Fortunately, I keep up my daily positive affirmations which, for me, is equivalent to stock-piling for these emotionally rainy days. I feel very fortunate that today I can see the glimmer of sunlight... and gone are the 'poor me's.... phew!

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